A Place I Will Never Reach. 

I love sharing my old writing.


Once again my editor and I had an indepth conversation. I asked if it was ever possible to become perfected as Christ is. She said no. I then asked, isn’t it possible for us to be in such close communion with Him that we can learn to be like Him? She again said no.

When I think these deep thoughts about learning more about my Savior I can’t help but imagine Him looking like–

Just sitting still and softly smiling at my wonder of it all. He doesn’t get mad like we often portray Him doing. We think if we mess up, miss curfew or whatever He will ground us like an Earthly parent. His ways are so different from ours we will never understand.

I know there are some who picture Jesus like this

Yeah, He doesn’t do that either. He knows our ways and what we will do…

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