No Such Thing As Common!

If you don’t want to take the time to look too deep into my blog, here, let me help you. Read on, my friends. Read on!! Seeds of inspiration are in this field!!


God never does anything the same way twice. Have you noticed that? Read The Bible. Jesus (who IS God in human form) healed thousands of people while He walked the earth nearly two-thousand years ago. He healed many of the same things more than once, but He NEVER did it the same way twice. He did the same thing when He created all of us. All humans living, dead and buried and those yet to be born. He NEVER creates a copy. Well, What about twins? Okay, sometimes they look alike, but they never have the same viewpoint on anything in life. They are always looking through their own filters. Therefore, They Are NOT an exact copy!

And in today’s world, we want to copy everything. We want to make sure that every process every single time we do something is exactly the same as it was the last time…

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