On A Calm Winter’s Night. 

I think it’s time we tell the truth of The Christmas Story and Jesus’ birth. We often see manger scenes with Mary and Joseph, some Wisemen, some Shepherds and sheep, or goats, right? So, let’s break this down. 

You have eight people and some animals. Yet, someone wants us to believe it was a silent night. Have you ever witnessed a birth? Sure, there are some incredible women out there who endure and are mostly quiet during a birth, but that doesn’t mean it is silent. Plus, animals? Come on! Cows moooing, sheep baaahhhing, chickens clucking? 

And then there was the trip to get to the barn, or upper room as some theologians now believe it to be. Imagine Joseph leading his donkey, Mary sitting on the donkey nagging him, ‘This birth is getting closer, Joseph! Do something! I am not having the Savior on a DONKEY!!! Now move!’ Again, maybe she was silently enduring, but most people today would be nagging, ‘Why didn’t you ask for directions when we last stopped?!’ And the town has all these people in it milling around. I am sure there had to be conversations going on. 

My point is, this night was anything but silent. The shepherds still in the fields, yeah, they heard from Angels in the sky!! I doubt it was a whisper. Maybe conversational level, but still, from the sky? That’s gonna carry for a while and not be so silent either. 

However, now we can have a calmness within us from The Holy Spirit of Jesus. And that is ultimately what this season is about. Yes, Jesus is the greatest gift ever given to the world. He is God in human flesh for us to see, talk to, relate to and we can see all these things in The Bible. Just as He brought a calm to those who believed in Him when He first walked the Earth, He can still do today. His Spirit can live inside of you this Christmas and bring you peace. How? Simple. Just ask. 


I want to know your peace for my life. They say it was a silent night, holy night when you were born. But, Father, we know there was lots of Earthly noise around you. Yet, you were filled with peace. Give us that peace today, Lord. Don’t let us get frustrated or sidetracked by the things of the world that don’t matter. Help our focus to be on you, Lord Jesus, The Prince Of Peace. And bring us a calm that can only come fro You. Amen. 

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