Sowing Seeds

One of my first ever posts on Rollingblogger!!!


You cannot plant a tree and expect to grow a cactus.  A tree will need nurturing and water and food and attention to grow.  The same holds true for humans.  What we sow we shall grow.  If you are filling a person with seeds of doubt and discontent, that is what you will receive.  If you are sowing seeds of love and edification, you will receive that.  It is a simple concept that I wish more of the world would understand.  You reap what you sow.  The other thing people need to realize is you may need to remove some rocks that have hardened in a person’s soul over time to get to the fertile soil of the soul beneath.  Contempt and words that scar and create a hard surface on the heart take time to remove before the words of edification will begin to take root. 

So, choose your…

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