The Holidays!!!!

Still true. Be blessed this Christmas season.


It has been a day of baking at our home in Montevideo!!! Chocolate covered pretzels, bird nests made from shoe string potatoes (with chocolate of course), red, green and white mints, I am really not sure how my bride made those. But, it has been a charming day of togetherness in our home. I hope as we move closer to Thursday and Christmas that you all are enjoying time with friends and family. I hope those of you who are anxiously awaiting spring are celebrating today as it is all down hill from here!
Yes, there is much to celebrate and be happy about this time of year. For me, it is a time to celebrate the greatest gift I have ever known (no, it is not my wife, although she is truly a blessing) my greatest gift is in the redeeming Grace of Jesus Christ. I hope you all…

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