Important Question For Today. 

Why do so few people find financial freedom these days? Because we are constantly seeking things we think will make us happy, or better, or healthier, or more lovable whatever the case may be. We are always seeking more. More costs money. 

I watched a minimalist documentary on Netflix this morning and it helped me realize the problem in our world is commercialism. It’s the notion we need to buy, buy, buy!! I am guilty too! 

I have a college degree in communication studies. I am a cashier for Walmart and a non-paid blogger. Degrees do not matter. Stuff does not matter. What we need to focus on is relationships and making sure everyone has what they need as basic necessities to live. Jesus preached the same message. We should love and live by that. Drop your stuff and follow relationships to better the world. Is that way of thinking for the world possible?

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