As I Prepared. 

As I prepared to give the Christmas message at my mother-in-law’s workplace, an assisted living facility, God placed one word on my heart. It was the shortest sermon ever given since Jesus Wept. And it was in the same vein. Relationships. 

Mary and Joseph were newly weds. Mary went to spend time with Elizabeth, who is the mother of John The Baptist and some say the sister or cousin of Mary the mother of Jesus. Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem because of the census and everyone needed to be with their family. God’s only Son stepped out of Heaven so we could have an eternal relationship with God and meet Him in person right where we are. What do all of these have in common? The key of the Christmas story is relationships. 

To relate means to connect, either by blood or similarity. We are all created by one Heavenly Father. We are all related. Even past generations knew this. During wartime firing would cease for one day on Christmas Day. Because even though they had grievances against one another they understood the sanctity of God and His love for all of us. They stopped fighting. 

Are we prepared today to step out of our own comfort zones, or our own technology invaded worlds to relate to one another? And a bigger question, is it possible that we could learn to do that every single day? When we find we have more in common than we currently think we may lose reasons to keep fighting one another and be a world at peace. 


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