Because You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith.

Rest In Peace, George Michael.


Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.
The way I see the world is every single person in it has faith. We all have faith we will see tomorrow. We all have faith we are correct in our assumptions. Don’t believe me? Have you ever seen air? Have you seen every square inch of the round world? Is there a famous person you have never met in person, but you know they still exist? That’s all faith!

There is no such thing as faithless!! Have you ever took a vacation to a new destination? That’s faith!! You only knew it was there from previous stories of those who have been there. Yet you still ventured away from home to see that place, why? Faith!

I know a lot of people who question why I have faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ…

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