Each Day, A New Chance. 

I admit it, I am far from perfect. However, I am not who, or where, I once was. Each day I have to renew my mind. Focusing on God and His plan has lead me to some awesome places and I often don’t see the impact coming until much later. 

I have grown by leaps and bounds and had many new opportunities come my way that I would have once thought not possible. I have driven a tractor. I have worked for 4 months with a sound production company. I usually say D.J., but we are so much more than music. We don’t just flip from song to song, we give you your music, your party, your way. We don’t even have to have music. We have sound equipment if that is your need. 

Anyway, I am off track here. My faith has been renewed this past year. God has shown me time and again that He has my best life in His Hands. It may not always go the way I expect, but it always turns out to be a great way to go. Take for example the year 2010. 

The year prior I lost what I thought was going to be my career. I was an admissions counselor at my alma mater Brown College. April of 2009 I lost that career path. It took another whole year of odds jobs for me to admit defeat in the twin cities and I moved home. 

I got a job at the local Walmart in Montevideo, Minnesota. It was never meant to be a career move. God had other plans. I final renewed my mind and I am totally happy with where my life is and where it is going now. 

You want things to move forward in life, be willing to renew the journey from time to time. 


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