The Most Important Thing I have Ever Posted Right Here!! 

Ok, let me start out with Jesus Loves You!! That is the most important thing I hope you take away from my blog. Secondly, you matter. Third, you have a purpose. So, in reality, this right here is actually number four. It is in the top five for a reason, it is so unbelievably important, but knowing Jesus and loving out your purpose is somewhat woven into this point. 

We have a problem, and the above link describes it so matter of fact and to the point. It is over 14 minutes, but under 15 minutes long. So, I hope you will take the time not only to watch it, but please share it. We have a problem like never before in this generation. My question is, is this only a problem in American culture, or is this epidemic worldwide? Let’s have a conversation in the comments after you watch the link above. Click now and watch, then please, share this post so others can join in the conversation. 

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