As The Sunsets. 

As the sun sets on 2016 I ponder over the joys and triumphs of the past year. Many great things occurred in my life. Many joys and blessings. And as I ponder these things, I try really hard to think, ‘Was there any real tragedies of this year?’ Yes, it’s true, the world still is full of separation, anxiety, hunger, wars and divisions, and I truly wish to change that, but I cannot alone. 

We need to become one positive collective of humanity. We need to put away our differences and give people a chance. Even when we disagree, we need to value their point of view. We need to give what we can, when and where we can. 

How many more sunsets will we have before the sun sets on our time here on Earth and we are no longer able to make the difference we could have made, should have made while we were here. The sun will rise again, but one day our chances to help others will not. Make a difference today before the sun sets. 


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