Traveler’s Adventures. 

My wife and I recently returned from a road trip to Lewistown, Montana to see her parents for Christmas. Wow! Absolutely beautiful country out that way! And once you get into Montana on Highway 200, if you like roller coasters, you’ll like that drive! 

The landscape begins to change and become mountainous as you travel farther Westward. For the most part, the road is straight, but there are some curves and many hills. Truly fun! 

Our time out there was far too short. I cherished every moment. You see, my bride’s father has cancer and is in the end stages of alzheimer’s. So, every moment is to be cherished. Especially since we are so far away. But, we enjoyed the time we had together. I was blessed with hot dice while out there as well and won most of the games of Farkle, or Zilch as my bride calls it. 

On our last day in Lewistown I made a couple attempts to book us a hotel in Bismarck, North Dakota. That would put us a little more than half way home and we would drive the rest of the way the second day. As it turns out, being in a wheelchair and trying to book a wheelchair accessible room is not as easy as it should be. Once again, my bride pulled it off! She even got us an upgrade to a suite for $5 more!! Can’t pass up that deal!! 

We stayed at Comfort Inn And Suites in Mandan, North Dakota. We were both highly impressed!! The bathroom alone was the size of our bedroom. The entire space could have fit our entire house!! Needless to say, we don’t live in a palace. It is enough space for us though. If you ever find yourself in Bismarck or Mandan, North Dakota, I highly recommend this hotel!! And get yourself some A and B Pizza while there. They have three locations that will deliver to the hotel!! Amazing pizza at an amazing price. 

If you have the means to spend a little more expense on your food plans, I recommend Doolittle’s Cafe in Fargo!! Amazing food, but it is a little more on the upscale side. If you are looking for Perkins or Applebees prices, you won’t find them at Doolittle’s. But, it is highly worth it!! Both my wife and I shared an appetizer, each had our own entree, and shared a dessert for around $75!! Not bad with the quality, portions and service provided. 

And the decor is amazing!! Covering all things history of flight!! It is a great place for a delightful family meal, or if you want to impress that important client. Doolittle’s in Fargo, just off I-94 has you covered. 

I wish I could share every little detail of the week we had in Montana and all areas in between, but some things are only meant to be shared with those who were there. I hope you take the opportunity to travel and see this big, beautiful world and make your own memories that you can one day tell me all about. I am eager to hear your stories. 

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