So Close!! 

I wanted this to be the year I hit 1,000 views every single month. Without a miracle, I will have to make up 40 views next month. 

How do you gauge your success on your blog? I wouldn’t call this month a defeat, by any means. I just didn’t hit my 1,000 view goal. 960 is still not bad. How’s 2017 going for your blog meters of success? 

The Sweet Smell Of Success! 

Most people equate the smell of success with money. Me? I associate it with blood, sweat and tears. I am working on some big projects and it truly is taking all three to get it done. But, that’s the cost of success and growth. Success never comes without pain. 

Are you willing to breathe deep and work hard to get through to the sweet smell of success? 

Some Posts Don’t Make The Cut. 

I just spent the last twenty minutes writing a piece on how much I detest The Home Alone Franchise. I mean, I really laid it out there with the pointless disfunctionality of these films. For this post, that is all I will say. I hate these films. 

I deleted the entire post in under two seconds, why? Because negativity planted will create fruits of negativity. We have enough of that in this world. I don’t need to feed it. 

It’s true. Sometimes the sharp blade of negativity comes out through my fingertips into the pages of my blog, but if I have any say in it, you won’t see those pages. Do I experience those times? Yeah, I do. Am I trying to put on a bold face and say in my blog I never have any issues? No way! But, the world doesn’t need to share in every negative thought that enters my synapse! Negativity will always bring about negativity and I choose to not have a hand in that. 

I wish the world could think like a writer more often. You write things to get them out, then if it will bring about negativity you delete it. I have tried to live by a saying the last few years, In the airport of life, go where you want, but NEVER visit the baggage claim. Too many people carry burdens with them they don’t have to. I am guilty of it too, but I am becoming more conscientious of when these events happen and I do my best to leave them where they occur. 

Don’t be afraid to edit and not put your entire world of thoughts out there. The editing table has its place and we need to use it more. 

More Advice.

More advice before the day ends…

Right now, there are thousands of people saying, ‘No I can’t!’ When you say that, you’re right! 

We as human being need to replace these words with, ‘Yes I can!!’ I can be loving. I can be giving. I can let people in and help them. I can help them right where they are! I can go to them! I can be a beacon of positive actions in the world!! 

I Can Make Positive Actions Come True!! 

Exchange your excuses for results and make things happen.