New Outlook. 

Well, here we are, in Minnesota we are more than 12 hours in to the new year. The world is full of people saying, ‘This year I’ll do it different.’ It doesn’t matter what the resolution is, we work through it for a couple weeks and we often times go back to old habits. Why do we do that? Could it be because we aren’t being celebrated? Are we not celebrating our small steps ourselves? I think that is part of it. 

We need to encourage one another in positive ways. A kind word goes a lot further than a harsh comment. A person who feels appreciated will do more than someone who feels preached to. We need to work on how we relate to one another in the coming year. 

If we can stop and realize we have way more in common with one another we would realize that when we speak harshly to someone we are, in fact, speaking harshly to ourselves. Introspection can create a greater deal of positivity in the world because a positive action needs to start within each of us. Can we make 2017 the best year yet? With a change of attitude and a positive spin on every moment of our lives, we can. 


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