Just One. 

As I rose out of bed this morning I had another revelation. Unfortunately, I went about my morning routine and forgot the sentiment of the moment. 

It had to do with moving forward and not being overly concerned with previous results. In 2016, I nearly doubled every single metric of my blog! That is a banner year. This year, I want to write. Would it be nice to hit 24,000 views and at least 12,000 people being impacted with a positive outlook on their day, week or even year within my blog? Yes. Yes, it would. But is that why I am here? No. 

I was reminded of the man throwing turtles, or seashells, or crabs back into the sea. I honestly don’t remember what the animal was, and that’s not the point anyway. The beach was covered with millions of these things. Another person came along, a nay-sayer, and said, ‘You can’t possibly save all of these! It’s not possible! You won’t save them all!!’ 

‘You’re right!’ The man responded. He picks up one of the shells and tosses it into the set of waves in the sea. ‘But to that one, I made a difference and he is saved!’ It’s not up to me to save the world. Only Jesus does that. But, it’s not up to me to stay silent either. I go about my blogging, making as big of a difference in people’s lives as I can. If I write one post, or ten posts per day, I know I have done what I can. If one person says, ‘Because of reading this, I look at things differently now. Because of reading this, I won’t ever quit!’ then whatever the numbers of this blog turn out to be in 2017, it will be worth it. 

The acronym I want shared around the world and a daily mantra for all people should be, I Make Positive Actions Come True. When you bless even one, you are doing what The Father called us to do!! Can you make a positive impact on just one every single day of 2017? I just did. 

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