Minor Accomplishment!! 

So, if you have been following my blog this year you know I am trying to not only cut down, but cut out all soda pop!! So far, so good!! 

My wife and I went to Pizza Ranch for supper tonight, cheap, easy, and it is not the piles of awesome spaghetti we will be eating for days to come!! A change will do you good, right? Anyway, we went to Pizza Ranch here in Montevideo, and my wife asked, ‘What do you want to drink?’ without missing a beat I said, ‘Water.’ To which my wife said that cutting something completely out is not good because you will crave it more. ‘This is one night’ she said. Did I still have pop? Nope! I did not! Will I survive a full day at work tomorrow on water only? I will try, but I gotta say, the bite of Dr. Pepper is missing from my taste buds. I am positive I will have a soda pop again at some point, but now, I am truly curious how long I can keep this going. 

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