So Far, So Good. 

I want to involve the world more often and deeper in my daily life. This post is about a short, yet monumental goal for me. 

I need to come clean. I am addicted to pop, soda as some areas of the world call it. Cherry Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Barq’s Root Beer are my poisons of choice. And yes, make no mistake, THEY. ARE. POISONS!! The human body is not designed and was never created to take in unnatural ingredients, let alone ingredients I cannot even pronounce. 

We live in a society that loves convenience. We love the idea of putting a box in the microwave and within five minutes we are shoveling what is called nutrition into our face. It is not nutrition. So, for 2017, I decided to take a small step. 

And this may come as a surprise to some, but yes, I drink pop. I even eat peanut m&m’s and I am supposed to be allergic to nuts!! I guess doctors don’t know everything, huh? Well. I am now pop free for 3 days!! It’s a small run, but it will continue. I have already, in three small days, seen a loss in weight and belly. I should have my wife take a photo when she gets home and we can all watch this journey. 

We are called to take care of our bodies and that means not putting junk in it. In 2017, I want to make the changes I need to become healthier. Will I be perfect? No. Will I still give into cravings and sometimes drink pop? Yes. Probably even tonight! My wife is talking about going to Pizza Ranch for dinner. Could I drink water? Sure. And I probably will have a cupful or two of water. But, when Barq’s Root Beer is available, I will more than likely drink a little. 

What are your goals to better your blog, yourself, or your world in 2017? Three days in, how is it going for you? Have you had a set back yet? Will you let that stop you? Don’t! I want to encourage you to keep going. 


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