Turn Around. 

And with that, two days are gone. A third is on its way out. 2017 is on its way to eternal memory. How have I made it better so far? Have I done all I can? 

Moments come and then they are gone. I see so many opportunities before me. I see so much beauty all around me. Am I rolling past these moments without capturing them? Am I in the process of constant edification? I want to be always present in 2017. I want to suck the marrow from this year. And I want everyone to be blessed and encouraged before the year is gone. 

And that all needs to start at this moment. Once a moment is gone, it is gone. We have no idea what moment will be our last to make a positive impact on someone. So, we must take advantage of them all. All positive. No more negativity! Walk on with love in your heart and create smiles where you can. 


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