Crossing Off The Negative. 

Day four of 2017 is now complete here in Minnesota. From day one I had zero soda pop in my system, until today. 

I posted my failure on Facebook, and now I post it here. I failed. I wanted to go an entire year (at least) without any soda pop in my system. I didn’t do it. A 12 ounce can of Dr. Pepper is my nemesis. I let it beat me today. But, the amount of support I got was overwhelming! 

There will be days that your goals are not perfect. You may be kicking a soda pop habit. You may be trying to better yourself in your career. We are all on a road to self-improvement, I believe. But, there will be days we will fall backward. There will be days we will be off task. The key is to cross those days off the list and move on. 

My mom said, ‘Tomorrow is a new day.’ That is so true. Today, I drank soda pop. Tomorrow I won’t. Today, you may have missed a workout. Today, you may have not written a word attempting to be an author. Tomorrow is a new day. Cross the failure bridge and burn it. Cross off the things on your list that make you feel like you failed. It’s an experience. It’s a growth opportunity. Use it. Break through it and cross over into the warmth of the sun. 


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