The Danger Of Growing Cold. 

I am inspired to write all the time. In the coming year I want to share as many of these inspirations with you as I can. 

Tonight, I was watching Season 6 Finale of Gold Rush. And it hit me, the frozen season comes upon us like a thief in the night. One day we are working in temperatures that seem workable, yet on the edge. Then, overnight, we wake in the morning to find all of our resources frozen in the ground. 

The same thing can happen to us humans, both spiritually and physically. It is true if we don’t use it, we lose it. If we don’t treat people in our lives with love and respect, they will walk away. If we don’t put good things into our bodies and work them to the breaking point, we will never grow. The same holds true with our minds. When we allow a sedentary lifestyle to take over, we will wake up one day completely frozen in place. 

Are any of us working towards that lifestyle today? If you take an honest look in your life, can you say that you are moving and working and doing all you can? I am guilty, but no more!! 

I am trying to eat healthier and work more movement into my lifestyle in 2017. I don’t want the unexpected surprise of being frozen to rise up on me. And I don’t want that for you either. Witness it, and make the changes needed so you can become the best version of yourself to you and those you come into contact with every day. 


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