Facebook Fun!! 

I love seeing the creative things people come up with on Facebook these days. Some are truly worth sharing. I have no idea if this is copyright infringement, or not, but I saw this and had to share! 

This goes so well with today’s Daily Post Word Temptation and we are surrounded by it all the time!! So, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you It Is Over!! You can’t have me bad habits!! 

It’s over!! 😭💔😥

For all those people that go on trying to figuring out my life, I shouldn’t have to explain everything that happened with my relationship to anybody. But for those who want to know It was very difficult for both of us. Today I completed my relationship and to avoid speculation and gossip I’m here to inform you of the real thing. There was was a lot of times in my relationship that I felt really good. When I think of the best and wonderful memories we had together, I can’t deny that I fell in love completely, but beyond that, I didn’t realize all the damage that I was doing to myself. So, after all this time I decided to take another direction, experiment and try new things etc.. I won’t deny that we will continue to see one another in passing but it’s time for this to end even though it breaks my heart. Today I’m ending my relationship with the dumplings, chocolate 🍫, bread 🍞, rice 🍚 tacos 🌮 pizza 🍕 and the hamburger 🍔. I’m ending my relationship with junk food 🎂🍰🍩🍧 and now its time for me to give myself all the good diet!! 😭…


Welcome… 🍃

If you like and copy-paste this to your wall and see how many ppl you can get to smile

Hahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂 Happy New Year to all!

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