Lead Us Not Into Temptation. 

Are we following the right things? Every day we are tempted. We are even tempted to think we are not good enough as is. Look at beauty ads these days. You need this product to be beautiful. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Girl. That one just makes my blood boil!! Why cover up your natural beauty? God created you perfect. He created me perfect! And we go and screw it all up by trying to be things we are not. 

Don’t fall into the temptation that you are not good enough! Does God want what is best for you? Sure He does! And that does require that we take care of ourselves, but it doesn’t mean putting on a false face. 

I am currently in the beginning of a weight loss year. I looked at myself in the mirror and yeah, I haven’t been taking care of myself and I let myself slide. I fell into the temptation of salty and sugary snacks. God gave me this one body. And even though I was born with Spina Bifida and by the world’s standards broken, I still need to keep fit as I can and not fall into the temptations of foods that are bad for me. So, I am researching and I want to take you on this journey with me. 

Tonight when I get home from work, I will see if I can take some current photos so you know where I am at now and let’s get on this journey together. Tempted to feel better yet? I am! 

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