Marketing is nothing more than temptation. Buy this. You need this. Your life will be so much better, easier, faster, stronger with this. It’s all temptation!! 

My recent journey into becoming healthier is rought with temptation! Sugary treats. Preservatives. Easy and fast foods. All temptations! Why? Because the marketing teams make it all look so good! Who doesn’t want a big, juicy cheeseburger on a buttery bun, toasted just right so it has a little crisp in with the pillowy-softness of the center? Tomoato, pickles, onion, ketchup, maybe some mustard and mayo? Mmmm!! You want one now, don’t you? 

Or, maybe Taco Bell, or KFC is more your brand? Wanna share a Coca-Cola? Or a Pepsi? Are you being tempted yet? Maybe food isn’t your temptation. 

What if someone approached you and said, ‘I want you to have your dream career and you will make your dream salary along with it!’ Would that tempt you? 

Temptation is anything that takes our focus off where it should be. See the prize, see the goal, nothing can keep you from it!! That is the eye of the tiger, my friends! And yet, we are tempted every moment of every day! Where is your focus today? Is it on the right things? 

Ask yourself, ‘What will this matter in 100 years?’ If it matters anything, stick with it. If you are creating smiles, that will then turn into other smiles and other smiles you don’t even see, or know are happening, it’s worth it!! Relationships matter. Edification matters. Love matters. Are you being tempted into good and worthwhile things yet? Or is the devil on my shoulder whispering false promises to you? Think on these things, my friends. 

Will that product matter to you or your friends and family? Will it harm you or help you? Marketing is all about the buy in. Are you willing to weigh the cost first? 


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