Stay The Course!! 

Today is January 6th in Minnesota in The United States. As you may, or may not know I have decided to see what the simple, or not so simple, notion of giving up all pop will do for me. I need to lose weight and I hope this one simple action will help me in that course. 

If you have been following my quest for this you also know that day before yesterday, January 4th, 2017 I failed my quest. I had a 12 ounce Dr. Pepper. It truly is my weakness. I gave into temptation and drank a can. However, yesterday, January 5th, 2017 I was able to beat the three times of temptation that occurred throughout the day and I am back on track. 

Tonight I realized if I can go the rest of the year without any soda pop I will literally come full circle!! It will be 360 days since I drank any pop if I can make it all the way through December 31st, 2017!!! 365 days in a year, but I started over yesterday on January 5th, 2017, so by December 31st, 2017 will be 360 days with not a drop of pop!! Full circle living!! What are you trying to do to better yourself this year? Tell me in the comments and let’s be encouragement to one another. 

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