Swindlers, or smart dealing?

I just watched a show, originally aired on BBC, that was about bargain hunters. There was a lady on this show who uses solar panels to get hot water, so her family may only shower two or three times a week, or every two weeks. If that wasn’t unbelievable enough, she had a pizza for her family that cost a couple dollars. As they were eating it she exclaimed, ‘I will get this pizza for free because I will write the company, tell them you (her teenage boys) didn’t like the crust of the pizza and they will send me a voucher for a couple more pizzas for free. So, I’ll get the money back for this one and get another for free.’ 

Um, excuse me, but that is the most dishonest pile of rubish I have ever heard!!! You cannot lie just to get something for free!!! That makes you a cheater!! Well done to the creators of this documentary who are, in fact, saying cheating is okay. Shame on you!! 


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