A Life Lived Infinitely!

In the film Gladiator it is said a few times, ‘What we do in this life echoes in Eternity.’ The human mind cannot hardly fathom no beginning and no end, but we can give infinitely. 

What we do to others, we will reap. And others in their path will reap as well. A person who gives infinite love will bless this world for generations to come. Exhibit one, and only one, Jesus Christ. He is the only one who gets it right on the first try, but he’s God, so… 

The good news is He died and rose from the grave for each and every one of us and so we have an infinite well of hope, grace, love and endurance to run the race set before us. However, as life often does to us, it takes our eyes off that fact and off the well spring of Jesus’ gifts to us from Eternity. We become engrossed in the negatives of life and when we do that, that is what we plant in the soil of souls. Trust me, as any one of us can see in today’s world, that will not reap a positive harvest. 

When we pray we can ask God for His eternal well spring to fill us and we can be made new each and every day. We can move from each minute to minute if we need being reminded of His eternal gifts of The Holy Spirit available to us. Are you willing to call out to Him as much as you need today? We can be in constant communication with Him and He is available to all. All we have to do is believe and act upon that gift. 

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