Encouragement For Today. 

Yes, I will be awake for church in 4 and one-half hours. Yes, there will be a serious nap somewhere in my upcoming day!! Yes, I am still awake from about 10 a.m. Saturday morning!! Why? I found my purpose!! 

I was a d.j. for a high school formal in South Dakota this evening and it was a blast!! My purpose is to d.j. My purpose is to edify people! My purpose is to bring joy and happiness. I did all of that through djaying music tonight!! 

I know my editor will read this and be upset if I sleep through church. But, my purpose was fulfilled tonight! God was glorified through my work! He was seen in my attitude. He was praised in my car to and from the show! He was glorified! And that is the fulfillment of my purpose!! What is your purpose? Find it and complete it! And give God the glory for bringing you to it, even if the path involved serious pain as mine did. I’ll get into that another time if you don’t already know my story. God loves you! And He wants what is best for you!! Seek Him and have Him help you find your purpose. 


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