Are You Being A Lighthouse? 

Lighthouses have many purposes. But the most important one is to shine their light for miles out into the sea to keep ships safe. That needs to be our own goal as well. 

We should be so loving towards all people that we want to keep them safe. When we know The Gospel we should be sharing it with everyone we can. Not just in our words, but our actions as well. We should be such a light shining with The Holy Spirit in our souls that anyone who comes in contact with us couldn’t help but ask, ‘How do you react in such a way?’ You see, when we react as Jesus did the world is so blind by it that they do not understand. But, even when our own understanding may be limited we should explain our devotion to Jesus Christ in such a way that anyone we speak to would say, ‘I want what you have!’ and here’s the best part, they can!!! 

The gift of salvation only found in Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world. His love can make this entire world shine like a beacon throughout the universe. But for that to happen, all people need to be filled with the light of Jesus. So, if you have that light in you today, let it shine!! Don’t hide away the change that Jesus Christ has begun in you. 

Are you being a lighthouse for all to avoid the pitfalls of eternal Hell today? Let your light shine!! 

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