Share together. 

Any journey will be rough when the workload is uneven. It has been said that couples are not to be unevenly yoked. Marriage is to be shared together. The tasks are to be done together. The good times and bad times are to be shared together. 

That is the key to bringing about a better world for everyone as well. Share together. We are all too often wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t see the needs directly in front of us. There are, right now, hundreds, if not thousands, of people within a 50 mile circle of you, who could use something you can provide!! You wanna know why our world is spinning out of control?? We are uneven! 

Take the blinders off of our own little world and take a good look around. You’ll see people hurting. You’ll see people needing. You’ll see people craving. Do you have what they crave? If you have love and compassion, you do. Give it away!! Bring balance to the world by giving her what she needs. 

God created more than enough abundance for each and every human being created and on the Earth right now. He is in charge of keeping the checks and balances of life on her, all we need to do is help the ones coming (unborn babies) and the ones here (infants to the elderly who may be leaving this world soon) all of those and everyone in between!! All human life is to be cherished!! And we don’t do that. That is why we have an uneven world. 

It’s not meant to be a world of he said/she said! It’s not meant to be a world of us vs. them!! That’s what creates the uneven world!! We need to right the ship before we sink!! Help others today. Bring a smile. Give a hug!! Extra of anything you have that can help another?? Give it to them!! Bless the world and you bless us all. That will bring about an even world in love and grace. 

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