Two Horses. 

Have you ever tried to lead a team of horses and one wants to run faster, or pull harder? When two horses are yoked together they must pull together or the load will be uneven. The same is true in all relationships. 

When will we learn to work together? When will we learn to pull together? Pull for each other. I have seen it time and again on Facebook, a marriage is not 50/50, it has to be 100/100. Each person has their strengths. Each person has their weaknesses. That is why they are together. They compliment each other and keep things moving forward evenly. 

 Each person needs to give their all into the relationship or it will not be run to the finish line evenly and one, or the other, will be hurt. It never ends well when one person has to have all their needs met, especially at the expense of the other. Evenly yoked. Pull together and the journey will be concluded together. 

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