Uneven Questions. 

I have spent the last hour of my day online searching for Uneven Quotes. That is literally what I typed into Google.com. Here is the interesting thing I didn’t think of until I saw the results of these search perameters, uneven is equated with inequality. 

Inequality is something we struggle with terribly in The United States. It is definitely an area where we are not united. Equal for this person, or that person, or this group of people, or that group of people. Someone is always feeling like they are getting the short end of the equality pie. Our founding fathers sought for everyone to have a voice in our society and, unfortunately, it hasn’t turned out that way. We are uneven. 

So, the question we need to answer is, How do we fix it? Are we on our way to fixing it, or are we splitting further apart? Or are we just spinning our wheels getting even nowhere just spreading mud on each other? 

We need to come together. Will everyone ever be equal? It depends on if we can redefine what equal is. We all have different skills. We all have different viewpoints and challenges in life. No two people will ever be exactly alike. So, how do we find common ground when even two people experiencing the exact same thing can see the outcomes differently? I guess it’s all just a sea of uneven questions floating in the waves. 


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