The Future And The Past.

I am watching the episodes of 11.22.63 today. A man from the future (today) travels back to 1960 to stop the assassination of JFK. It is a really awesome series, if you have the means (Hulu) check it out! 

Anyway, there is a part where his girlfriend from the ’60’s asks him, ‘What do you miss about the future?’ Yes, she knows he is in the 60’s from the future. That fact alone could change the entire space time continuum. Anyway, he says, ‘Sneakers.’ His girlfriend gets confused because they don’t call tennis shoes sneakers in 1963. 

So, my question is, when did tennis shoes become sneakers? Just a weird thought that entered my head while watching an amazing series. 


4 thoughts on “The Future And The Past.

  1. I think it’s a regional thing. When I lived in New York, they were called sneakers. After moving to Washington (state) next, they suddenly became known to me as tennis shoes. Mostly because people there snickered at my usage of the word sneakers… 😛

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