Someday, I’ll be a paid blogger. And this post is one step closer to that goal. 

Someday, I’ll be a full time mobile D.J. with D.J. Systems. And now that you know about them, you should google them and call! 

Someday, the world will experience peace. And every smile I share is a joyous heart raised in glory to God for His mercies. 

Someday, everyone will have all they need in the world. It may not be all they want, but they will have their needs met. And every person I share with is one step closer to realizing they are loved and cared for.

Someday, all eyes will see Jesus!! But for now, I am to be His Hands and Feet, and words through this blog. Love, tenderness, kindness, mercy, faith, self-control, are all things I strive for, but I don’t always get them right. Correction is often times needed to keep me on the path. 

Someday, you will see me walk into my saviors arms for the first time!! I have walked with the man-made use of crutches and braces, but all healing will come when the Savior calls my name! 

And on that someday, I pray you will be there with me to rejoice and praise His unending name!! 


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