A Musical Journey. 

A friend on Facebook made a post, or shared and put in his own answers on a post, that asked, ‘Share with everyone your top ten most influential albums of your teens.’ Or something like that. 

Well, I am a blogger, so I don’t just share on Facebook, I write for the world. So, here in no particular order (because it makes no musical sense anyway) is my top ten albumns from my teens. 

1. Air Supply- Greatest Hits (purchased when I was 19) 

2. No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom (purchased when I was 19) 

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Blood Sugar Sex Magic (purchased when I was 16) 

4. Led Zepplin IV- in my mind the greatest Led Zepplin albumn ever! Purchased from Columbia House (remember that group where you could get a thousand CD’s for $5?!) when I was 14. 

5. U2- Rattle And Hum (purchased from Columbia House when I was 14)

6. DC Talk- Jesus Freak (purchased when I was 20) yes kids, I am that old! 

7. Kenny G Breathless- (purchased in 1995 I was 19.)

8. Naughty By Nature- 19 Naughty III (purchased in 1993 at Mall Of America. I was 17)

9. Bel Biv Devo- Poison (purchased by my mother for me in 1990) 

10. Vanilla Ice- To The Extreme (purchased by my parents as a Christmas gift in 1990) 

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