Give It A Chance!! 

We all have that one thing, or perhaps many things, that we see and we say, ‘I’d never like that! It looks so borish!’ And then we try it and– Magic!! 

That is how I was with the film Hugo, until today. I found it on Netflix and gave it a chance. Mesmerization ensued!! A film about an orphan who lives in a train station. More specifically, a clock in a train station. There we are with that underlying message about clocks and time again today!! 

He ends up with an automaton. A perfectly timed figure that ends up drawing a picture of a famous film from 1902!! He finds the creator of the film and brings him emense joy when he shares the drawing and the automaton with him. 

There are so many other nuances held within this film, I hope you haven’t traveled the road I did. 5 years and a few months this film has been around and I didn’t give it a chance until today. How much time I wasted thinking I won’t like it and It’s not worth my time, it doesn’t appear to be anything I would want to spend time watching!! Oh, how I was wrong! It brought back so many memories of Christmas times spent in the Twin Cities metro area. 

I would love to see Christmas in London! I bet they make it like a Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol! Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I have preconceived notions that I need to rid myself of and just experience it for myself. That is what I did with the film Hugo today. 

From 2011 to today have passed many moments on the clock I won’t get back. But when we are meant to be touched by something so poetic, so beautiful we will be indeed. I hope you have found the beauty and the magic in this day. It is all around you, like my blog says. 

Give it a chance. Take a walk and take a good long look at everything around you on the journey. You may find yourself amazed and seeing things anew that you have been missing all along. 


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