Many things are unseen, but I know they are there. 

I have never been to Europe, or Asia, or even Australia. But, I do know people who have been there. I have heard their stories and I believe what they have told me as the stories have changed their perceptions for a lifetime. 

I share my belief in an unseen God and people laugh and scoff. ‘You are a fool to believe there is someone out there controlling all of this and who loves you so much!’ Am I? 

I see Him on the buds of the trees every spring. I see Him in the design of each and every snowflake that falls in winter. I see Him on the face of a child as they look deeper into this world and are amazed at its wonder. 

Then, one day, that wonder dies. Why? Why do we lose faith? Is it because we fail to see the miracles that surround us every single day? Is it because we fail to perceive our own bodies as miracles. We awake and breathe. We give love to so many throughout the day. We sadly also give hate. We give condemnation. These things are not of God. Why do we not believe? Because we let evil control us. 

Just because I have not seen it doesn’t mean it is not there. But maybe, the reason it is not seen is because of us. If we all would just surrender and give love and peace and truth, maybe we all would see the love God has for each and every one of us. 

For God so loved YOU that He gave His Only Son so that YOU could believe and see the goodness that can be in the world. 

Gravity works whether you believe it or not. Oxygen and other gases are breathed into your body and cells whether you believe it or not. Places you have never seen still exist whether you believe it or not. And yes, that includes Heaven and Hell. They are both real places. Put your faith in the unseen Jesus today and He will help you see Him in a whole new way. The unseen can become seen with a little faith. 

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