Exquisite Love.

Image from http://www.picsymag.com
Some days I am at a loss when I contemplate The Daily Post Word Of The Day. My editor says I should write about my day, or my life, whatever inspires me at that moment. Today, not much has. 

The word of the day is Exquisite. Google defines this as extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate. I guess, when I think of this definition the only thing that really comes to mind is snowflakes. Each one is an original masterpiece that is only here for a short amount of time. Some are here longer than others, some don’t even make it all the way to the ground. 

Here in Minnesota, and most of the Midwest part of the United States, we have plenty of snow. Piles of snow made up of countless numbers of snowflakes. It is truly a sight to behold. Even more exquisite is the notion that we can never possibly count all the flakes that make up all this snow in the region. 

We have warm weather on the way as well. That means that the exquisite beauty of the snow will soon be gone. So fragile and delicate that a burst of sunlight can cause it to disappear. So many things in this life are like that. How do we capture them for Eternity? Is it possible to keep the exquisite things for all eternity? One day, this world and all that is within it will cease to be, but our creator will still be there. Holding out his hand to us in love and tender care. Now THAT thought is truly exquisite. 


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