We are all passengers on the journey of life. Circumstances get thrown at us all the time that we cannot control. 

What if you had woken up to find you were going to spend the next 80+ years alone? Could you do it? What if you had the opportunity to wake someone else against their will? Would you let them continue to sleep, or would you awaken them to a new purpose? 

Have you ever been awakened to a new purpose? How did you react? I have been there. I thought my entire life was going to be lived in the Twin Cities Metro Area, then 2009 happened. My life still had a course to follow, but I didn’t see the intersection coming before it hit me. 

The film Passengers is full of so many different choices and roads. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the ending. We don’t just die and no one lives on after us. The world will not cease to have humans until some new humans show up on the scene. 

But while we are here, we can indeed make an impact for those to come. We can grow and plant new things. Yes, this even includes technologies and ideas. We need to grow. 

We are passengers on this planet. One day the ride will end for all of us. But are we doing what we can to keep things growing even after we are gone? 


6 thoughts on “Passengers. 

  1. When I attended MNCTC, I thought typing and answering phones is what I wanted to do. Nowa days you have to go to a large town to find a job like that, which is not me. And I can’t see myself wearing the typical pencil skirt and blouse, hair tied up either. Wait, that’s more of a stereotypical movie type picture isn’t it. Well, God never moved me to that path, and the longer I didn’t do it, the more I didn’t want to. None the less, here I am, typing….replying to this blog with my phone in front of me; which, turns out I didn’t need a piece of paper to teach me to do.

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  2. Second thought: If I’m supposed to be alone for the next 80 years, (which i don’t do ‘alone’ well)…then so be it. I don’t plan on it, but I haven’t planned on most everything that’s happened in my life. See reply above.

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