My bride and I went to see the film Passengers this evening and my mind was absolutely blown away!! The only thing I would change would be the ending, I mean, come on! A little more thought would have changed that and drawn the film out for another three hours! Another three hour tour, anyone? 

Seriously though, go see this film!! I made the claim I could make an entire new blog based solely on Passengers!! Is it a far-fetched claim? Possibly, but if I watch the film at least a couple more times I will be reminded of the points I could make that would draw out into at least a months worth of postings!! 

In short, go see this film!! Relationships, drama, will they make it? What happens next? Hold your breath suspense!! All these and so much more happen in this film. I will be writing more on this film, so stay tuned to!! I just had to make an introduction post first. Be well and please, know you are not alone! We are here to relate to one another and to help. What can I do for you today? 

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