Have A Vision!! 

There is not a single person alive who can see 26.2 miles using only their eyes. That is life. And yet, thousands of people run marathons all the time. They run them without knowing if any obstacles will come about in the course. 

Welcome to life, my friends. In this life you may get a few years, you may get 30-50, or you may be graced enough to get 90-100 years. And not a single, solitary soul can ever know exactly what will happen within that timeframe. You need to run life like a marathon. Don’t spend all your energy at one time. Don’t spend your energy on the wrong things. If it is not going to get you to the finish line, don’t worry about it! If you come across another runner that needs something you can provide, then provide it. They were placed within your course for a reason. 

Do you have a vision of how you want the marathon to end? Strive for it! You have a purpose within your soul that has not come to fruition yet. It is up to you to see the goal, even though you can’t, and create a way to get there. In a marathon the course is plotted out. All you have to do is follow the signs. Are you following the signs to your end goal today? Have a vision of it and reach for it! Even when it is not visible. 


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