No Need To Accept Every Invitation.

For a couple weeks now, off and on, my mood has been– mmmmmm, salty, let’s say. But it hasn’t made people thirsty for more. 

A friend, a dear friend, saw me at my job at Walmart tonight and he called me out on it. ‘What’s wrong?’ he said. And so, I went into the events of my day, that I had brought upon myself. It is no one’s fault, but my own. Long story, short, I didn’t do what my bride had asked me to do. She, rightfully so, was upset when she got home. Totally get it! I. Screwed. Up! Period. 

So, Satan starts whispering to me, she’s gonna be mad forever, this will be the one thing that causes serious issues, it’s over, give up now. Ya know, stupid lies like that! Anything she could say to me, was nowhere near as bad as I was being to myself in my own head! 

When Satan invites us to sour our attitude, we don’t need to accept the invitation to that pity party! We don’t need to spur our mood over misunderstandings, or when someone calls us out because we promised we would do something and we straight up didn’t! 

I am accepting full responsibility at this moment. My friend said, ‘If you let something you caused on yourself beat you up and make you appear defeated while you are at work, what kind of message of the forgiving power of The Holy Spirit does that send to anyone who comes in here tonight? Your saving grace is not found in getting the dishes done, or the laundry put away, or taking the dog out before he messes up the floor. Your saving grace is not even found in your wife! So stop acting defeated! That’s Satan and that is not you! Get your mind and your heart right. Pray and move on!’ 

Yes. I didn’t do what my wife had asked me to do today and she was sour when she got home. I screwed up. And she has every right to be upset. When I don’t put my wife’s requests to help first it not only looks like I am not putting her first, I am not. And God has called us together to be a team. 

I am telling you all this so hopefully you, or someone, or someone you know can learn from this. Men, we are called to honor and cherish our wives. She is not called to be our housemaid. She is not called to answer to our every whim as we Lord over her. NO! So, when she asks for help around the house, we are to lovingly get it done. No excuses. When we don’t get it done, it simply shows a lack of respect. Albeit that was not my intention, I was tired and out of sorts all day, but the message that was received by her is she is in this alone. And that simply is not the case. 

Men, love and respect your wives and be a helper suitable for her. Not a weight around her neck. You left your momma to be a partner with her, she is not your momma!! I understand that and I slipped hard today and hopefully she will see this, I apologize. I have already, but this is me reiterating that fact. I slipped. I will slip again. I’m human, it happens. But I hope my apology from this slip will be heard and felt. 

Now, I will go home and finish the dishes. 


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