Have You Witnessed The Aesthetic?

The universe is fearfully and wonderfully made! It is woven together in an amazing aesthetic. I often wonder, am I the only one who sees it? 

How often do we look at the night sky and marvel at the places so far off? And yet, they are placed right where they need to be. For me, it is so aesthetically pleasing! I know I have purpose because I am here. 

My beauty is not found in my round belly, or my wheelchair I use to get around. No! It is found in my ability to see beauty where others see nothing. It is in seeing patterns for growth where others may see obstacles. 

You have an aesthetic within you too. Have you found it? God created you so beautiful. Do you see it? Do you see Him in all that is around you? Seek and you shall find, my friends. Beauty is all around us and within us. 


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