Competition Aesthetics. 

Aesthetic is defined as the appreciation of beauty. This is something that is truly important in all of the seasons of Top Chef. I just completed rewatching season 1 and I am amazed at the dishes these chefs put together. 

To my untrained eye, the dishes were aesthetically pleasing. I would definitely eat those foods. What was not aesthetically pleasing to me was the drama. Sometimes I had the question ‘Is this for real?!’ How could people seriously treat each other like this? There were events where people were seriously thrown under the bus!! 

When we don’t appreciate the beauty someone brings to the table with their talents are we still being aesthetic? Maybe it is just a late night quandary that is in my own mind, but seriously, there were times I felt the show was being scripted and fake. I will continue to watch future seasons, but I am hoping the aesthetics stay only with the food. 

2 thoughts on “Competition Aesthetics. 

  1. I love Top Chef. I’ve watch it every season. What I like most is the artistry and creativity that is displayed through food. The drama is the unfortunate part brought out by competition. People aren’t always at their best when they think they have something to lose.

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