Interesting Choices. 

Today is Inauguration Day here in The United States. Although, it appears today we are far from united. And all the world sees it. 

The process of Inauguration Day is viewable by the entire world. Talk about a moment for exposure. And what does the world see? A country divided. A country saying Not My President. A country causing threats and riots, no, those were not protests. As soon as you destroy ANY property, you are a rioter. As soon as you block traffic, you are not a protestor, you are a rioter. And that is what SOME news media outlets shared. 

The entire viewing world had exposure to our weakness today, and they still have it. On Facebook, I see tears, I see fears, I see anger, I see hate! When we allow our emotions to become this ugly, we have an exposure to the world that needs not be seen. Are we strong? We sure used to be! Not anymore. Now, we break windows in a Starbucks when our President, the face of our nation, is being sworn in. 

Sure, Protest. Pray. Be peaceful. Make your opinions heard. But do it in a peaceful, adult manor. The media will take these images and make a story. And it will be a story of exposure that gets ratings. It may not be true, but it will be what is seen and exposed. So, please, America, can we think of how the rest of the world is watching? Can we think of what we are showing as exposure to who we truly are? If we are not peaceful, we are not united and we are not a nation! Please bring peace back and let’s work together to form the nation in which we all can live, love and work.  


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