One Nation, Under God. 

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Today in The United States Of America we are watching the changing of the guard. President Obama will be leaving office and President Trump will be sworn in within the next few hours. 

I only have Netflix, Hulu and access to a smart tv. But, thank God the powers that be realize how important this day is. When the television I have was created they put in place a free service to watch important events such as today. I clicked on the ABC coverage of the events. I am amazed it is going smoothly. I am amazed how different news sources report different things. 

ABC has made absolutely no mention of serious brawls happening in Washington D.C. this morning. They are speaking on faith, they are speaking on working together. They have even interviewed children who came to watch the events today who disagree politically!! These kids couldn’t even vote and they spoke of their decisions on who they would vote for in a fair and equal manor. One girl in a group of, I believe it was five children, supported Trump. One other girl used the popular phrase, Not my President.  

We need to come together! We need to unify this country! We need to realize we, as a country, are not God. There are millions who don’t even believe in God. That does not mean they have no right to a voice. But we need to find middle ground and work together. We need to band together under one greater umbrella and I pray that umbrella is the love and respect of all people. 


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