Over Exposure (Part 2)

I firmly believe we are created to be relatable creatures. We are here for relationships. But, what do we do when those relationships cannot come to an agreement and resentment, animosity, and even anger begin to take over? 

Over the last ten years we have grown accustomed to a term never used before that time, Social Media. You want your opinions to be heard? Take to Facebook and share away, my friends! But, we have come to realize sharing is not always caring. We were lied to as kids!! 

Sharing can cause sadness and anger, it can cause arguments, it can cause divisions. And that drives us away from our God-given purpose to relate to one another. As we relate more and more, we find that we have in common less and less. 

I think it is okay to unplug for days at a time, as long as you need. We need to realize as one humanity that the only way to come together is to be unified under one banner. I call that banner, our creator, God. I know our world has a diverse amount of people and it is 100% unbelievably impossible for all people to believe exactly the same, so yes, I am living in a dream world. But throughout my life I have been exposed to the realness of my creator, God and I know beyond any doubt He is real. I also firmly believe He is the one thing that can unify our entire planet. 

As far as I am concerned, being over exposed to love, grace and forgiveness can never be a bad thing. 


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