Over Exposure. 

It keeps coming up today– The media and their exposure of The Inauguration in Washington D.C. today. I watched the ABC coverage of the events, want to know what I heard? Peace, prayer, faith, unity, work together. It was not until I had literally watched HOURS of the coverage that I even HEARD A WORD about riots! Yes, RIOTS! That is not protesting when you destroy property!!! 

And will these images of glorification of people being dragged off for standing up for their beliefs cause more to do the same? More than likely. When people see someone get attention for something, they instantly think, ‘Well, I could do that too!!’ My advice? DON’T!!! 

The media seeks to share the stories that fire people up. How do I know? I have a degree in Media and Communication Studies. First rule of media, share the stories that sell. Share the stories that create emotion. They do not give a crap if that emotion is negative. They don’t! They simply DO NOT!! 

That is why our world is screaming out of control. If the media would share stories that inspire greatness and don’t cause people to want to riot and break things to get their five minutes of fame the world would change. Over exposure to bad behavior is causing more bad behavior. 

So, I am calling out all media outlets. Riots, don’t cover them. Get the word from the peaceful protestors and as soon as someone raises a fist in anger, shut off the cameras and the mics!!! Total media blackout of all childish, riotous behavior!! Period! Would it help to hold the media accountable for what images they portray? Every time an image of violence gets shown on a news outlet, they get fined $100,000. That should solve the problem. We do that with our athletes, why should it be any different for the ones covering the sports teams? 

Stop the over exposure of bad behavior and it will drop down. I honestly believe we should try it. 

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