My Prayer Chamber. 

Today in America demonstrations are taking place. We have a country that is still hurt, still mourning because they are alarmed, fearful, distraught that their rights will be taken away with the flick of a pen. 

So, in the privacy of my prayer chamber today, I pray. Lord, open hearts. Lord, open our eyes to Your Ways. Lord, help this nation to seek You. If that means that those of us who believe we are already seeking you need to change, so be it. Speak to our hearts and minds today, Lord. Our country underwent a drastic, never before seen, change yesterday, Lord. And today, I know hundreds, if not thousands of people who are distraught at what the future holds. 

I have no idea what the future holds, Lord. And I am calm with it, because I know you are there. You already have my days numbered. You know the mountains and valleys I have yet to cross. You know the baggage I will drag along with me, all the while asking me to leave it at The Cross. Will I? Sometimes. I wish I could say Always Lord, but I can’t. Sometimes I carry unneeded burdens. And I believe that is what a lot of people are feeling today lord. 

Help everyone to know You are there today. Whisper to everyone feeling abandoned and that their privacy is being taken away. Lord, I know that You love each and every one of us with a furvent fire and passion that our human minds have yet to comprehend. To those who are worried or hurting, or anguished in any way today, bring them Your Peace right now Lord. Speak to their soul, in the private deepest reaches of their being Lord. They may not even know that place exists within them, today Lord, I pray you awaken the spirit of every man, woman and child in the world. I pray that you make yourself known to all so that we, as one world may glorify and worship you in knowledge and in truth of Your Word. Amen. 

This has been my prayer in the privacy of my prayer Chamber today, and now I share that piece of my soul and privacy with you, the world. 

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