Privacy Lost. 

Everything we want is now not only viewable, but purchasable online. The digital age has taken privacy and killed it. And we have created the monster ourselves. 

As I type this, million, yes millions, of men and women are marching, protesting the inauguration of President Trump. How do I know this? No one that is involved is being private about it! If you are at one of these marches, know someone at one of these marches, or are arbitrarily involved in one way or another with one of these marches, or if you like or hate that these marches are going on, you have shown that on Facebook today. Well, okay, not everyone. Some people have decided to stay private and keep their opinions to themselves, but millions have not. 

I know what, when and where some of my friends had lunch today. Not private information, nor do I care that this information has not been kept private. Share your food, your events, your fundraisers and protests with me. Go ahead! This is what the information superhighway is for. 

We are all connected. We are relational beings. But, when does sharing become too much? Is there a point? Have we reached it? Are we beyond it now? And if we are, is there any way to go back? I know what millions of Americans are doing today because of social media. And, I suppose, if you really want your voice to be heard, social media is truly the way to go. That is the point of it. 

But, where do we draw the line? Today I am home with my wife. Any idea what we are doing, or what we have been doing at any point today? No. Why? Because I have not (and will not) share that information. I often wonder if we need to be more careful about what we share online. Is it possible to keep some things private? 

Then comes a whole new set of questions. What if someone else doesn’t believe that something we want kept private should be kept private and they go and tell someone, or God-forbid, share it on social media? What then? Is it possible that privacy can be used against us? What if, a friend shares something that was meant to be kept private, and then your boss finds out and disagrees with whatever action or words it was that was meant to be kept private? 

It is possible to share too much. A notion of mystery is an okay thing. How silent are we willing to be to keep things private? Is that possible anymore or have we turned a corner of a new generation that believes in sharing every single moment with the world? 

I am plagued with so many questions. And some, I am choosing to keep private today. 

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