The Story Never Ends. 

I admit it, I love stories. I love films. I love books!! But, every film and every book has an ending. But, why? 

I just finished watching Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass. As usual, Alice came in late, but, in time, she was on time and saved the day! But, what then? The story surely must continue. 

One day, we were all born. Our story began. One day, we all will die. But our story won’t end. Even if you have no belief in an afterlife, or reincarnation, it doesn’t matter. People who you touched with your life will be here long after you are gone. Or, others will come along and dig up your stories, simply because they like to learn from the past. 

Your story never ends. I wish we could continue every story the world has ever known. We are all connected. 

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